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Darke Waters Inn and Adventure Lodge is into its 4th season and off to a great start. Each year just keeps getting better! Rob and Corrina Darke have been learning and enjoying their new adventure and can’t wait to share more of it with you! Situated in Ocean Falls, British Columbia, smack dab in the middle of the Great Bear Rain Forest, the pristine beauty here is something to be shared.

Ocean Falls is perched beside the deep waters of Cousin’s Inlet off the Dean Channel, northwest of Bella Coola, 24 kms from the open Pacific Ocean.

The area is known for its world renowned salmon fishing and is situated amongst the only untouched temperate rain forest left in the world! The eco system bursts with life from the sea bed to the mountain tops. It is impossible to really know how beautiful it truly is until you experience it with your own eyes!

As one of Canada’s forgotten towns we hope we can contribute in helping to bring this small community back to life by sharing its area’s beauty with you.


  1. The site is just great guys! Hope I can come and stay one day and I am so glad as a former resident to see that some buildings are being maintained and used and folks like yourself are bringing life back to our beautiful and special little town. I hope you have a long and prosperous time in Ocean Falls.

    1960 to 1967 & summers of 1975 & ’77.

    • admin

      Thanks John!

      We really hope you are able to make a trip “back home” and will join is at the lodge!

  2. Trish

    Well I had a nice long phone conversation with Rob and just hearing about the beauty of this lodge I had to see for myself how much beauty it really held within. It’s beautiful I have never been to BC but if I ever do get to visit I will definately have staying here at the top of my list.

    What a beautiful venture for a husband and wife…all the best to both of you.


    • admin

      We would absolutely love to have you stay with us and show you around this abundant rainforest!

  3. Sharon Clark

    Hope to visit the special little town,next year. We are checking prices now. We will drive to Bella Coola and come over on the Nimpkish. Will stay for approximately 3 days. We lived there from 1962-1966. Lived in Martin Valley for awhile. Then in the the Willow (#3) and the Cypress.

  4. Nick & Janet Duby

    Back in Ocean Falls for the third year and look forward to the fishing and the people every year. The fishing derby in August is one not to be missed.

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